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How delinquent I’ve been sharing my A Mighty Blaze Authors Love Bookstores interviews! What can I say? It was 2020, and that alone should explain my delay. I hope you’ve subscribed to A Mighty Blaze’s YouTube channel, where you can watch all of the ...Read More

Find me at A Mighty Blaze

Hi friends! A few months ago, I had the privilege of joining the team at A Mighty Blaze, a movement that promotes books, authors, and booksellers during the time of COVID-19 and beyond.  With a partner, I run the Authors ♥ Bookstores program, an online conversation ...Read More

Authors Love Bookstores

After three years and 143 episodes, we’ve reached our goal of featuring a bookstore in every US state, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico on the Authors Love Bookstores program. We’ve also been fortunate to highlight bookstores in the United Kingdom and Canada. Our list ...Read More