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How delinquent I’ve been sharing my A Mighty Blaze Authors Love Bookstores interviews! What can I say? It was 2020, and that alone should explain my delay.

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Today, I’m sharing my interviews with Jenny Lawson & The Nowhere Bookshop, Sonali Dev & Anderson’s Bookshop, and Kate Racculia & Reads & Company. Enjoy!

JENNY LAWSON! You may know Jenny from her wickedly funny, honest, and irreverent website, The Bloggess, or from her bestselling books, FURIOUSLY HAPPY and LET’S PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED. She is also the owner of an independent bookstore, The Nowhere Bookshop. I’ve been a fan of Jenny’s for years, so it was particular thrill to have her on the show to talk about her bookstore, giant chickens, and her new book, BROKEN (in the Best Possible Way) due out in April 2021.

SONALI DEV! I read Sonali’s latest book, RECIPE FOR PERSUASION, last summer, and immediately wanted her for Authors Love Bookstores. Sonali writes “stories with a Bollywood beat” that are modern, fun, and a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Her last book in a trilogy of adaptations of Jane Austen is due out in 2021. Sonali joined me in conversation with Anderson’s Bookshop.

KATE RACCULIA! I had the pleasure of taking a writing class with Kate last year and found her to be a warm and encouraging teacher, so I was thrilled to welcome her to Authors Love Bookstores. Her latest book, TUESDAY MOONEY TALKS TO GHOSTS, is a love letter to Boston–with ghosts! I won’t explain how ghosts fit into the story, but suffice it to say reading this highly enjoyable book is a perfect way to spend a cozy afternoon. Kate joined me in conversation with Reads & Company.

More interviews coming soon….

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