Last A Mighty Blaze Interviews of 2020

In today’s post, I’m sharing my final A Mighty Blaze interviews of 2020. I spoke with Kate Hope Day & Grass Roots Books and Music, Karen Thompson Walker & Powell’s Books, and Kathy L. Murphy & Main Street Reads.

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First, some numbers: Between April and December, my partner Joe Moldover and I hosted 38 episodes of A Mighty Blaze’s Authors Love Bookstores. We interviewed 37 authors and bookstore owners/managers from two countries and 19 US states. What an incredible experience it’s been!

Now, onto the interviews…

KATE HOPE DAY! I’m a fan of Kate’s first novel, IF, THEN, and was excited to host her on Authors Love Bookstores. She has a new book coming out in March 2021–IN THE QUICK–which is about an astronaut, a pink planet, and a missing spaceship. (I was lucky to read an advanced copy and still think about the story, weeks later.) Kate joined me in conversation with Grass Roots Books and Music.

KAREN THOMPSON WALKER! I loved Karen’s novels–THE AGE OF MIRACLES and THE DREAMERS–and highly recommend them if you haven’t yet read these beautifully crafted stories. In addition to being a successful novelist, Karen is a professor of creative writing so it was especially interesting to talk with her about creativity during the time of COVID. Karen joined me in conversation with Powell’s Books.

KATHY L. MURPHY! In addition to her roles as an artist, writer, and publisher, Kathy is the original Pulpwood Queen, the founder of an extensive and international book club. Kathy is a lover of books, a champion of authors, a community builder, and a spirited and lively guest! She joined me in conversation with Main Street Reads.

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