Weekend Reading, 4.4.14

I’m home! I arrived this morning at 1 AM from a weeklong business trip to Denver, so I am a little more than exhausted today. But a cup of coffee is on the table in front of me. The kids are at school and day care. My husband is at work. I have free time to write this post, while sitting on the sofa in my den (as opposed to last week’s Weekend Reading post that I finished in the airport). Last night’s Scandal is waiting to be watched. I might even take a nap.

Ahhh…perfect, right?

If you have time ahead of you this weekend to find your own space to relax, or even if you’re on the go, I’ve pulled together links to great reads. Enjoy them, my friends.

1 | I’m in love.

2 | A rejection of “mean moms”

3 | Where are the kids’ shoes?

4 | Spring cleaning alert! How to clean your oven

5 | My husband and I have been discussing when to start reading “Harry Potter” with our son. Here’s a helpful guide to figure out if he’s ready.

6 | I wish this pregnancy tracker had been around when I had my kids!

7 | A special story about speaking up against ignorance

8 | Teaching kids the beauty of different

9 | How to make homemade journals (I can do this!)

10 | As I near the end of day care, this post completely resonates

11 | What’s your best worst?


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