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Hair Loss and Chemotherapy

Let’s talk about hair. Many people who go through chemotherapy treatment lose their hair. I don’t have an exact number for “many” (I Googled it but couldn’t find any statistics for you); I’m basing my “many” on the fact that almost everyone I’ve known ...Read More

Unexpected News

  Two months ago, three days before Christmas, on a rainy, chilly morning as I sat in the school drop-off lane with my kids in the backseat, my doctor called to tell me that I had breast cancer. By the time she called, I ...Read More

My Mom

I’ve been largely absent on Red Shutters the past few weeks, and I want to explain why.   My beloved mother passed away on August 31. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2006, she survived multiple reoccurrences of the disease over the past nine and ...Read More