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Hi, I’m Kimberly. Welcome to Red Shutters! I’m a mom of two who lives in the Boston area. On this site, I write about work-life dilemmas, books, travel, parenting, family, life in the fourth decade, and things I find inspiring and interesting. Sometimes I even do ...Read More

The Boob Post

Disclaimer: This post is about the ta tas, my friends, so be warned. But, don’t worry, I’m keeping it PG (or PG-13).  I had a mammogram the other day. A mammogram. Thankfully, no reason except I’m 40. 40, my peeps. Yep, that’s me. (OK, ...Read More

Falmouth Road Race

On Sunday, I ran the 36th Annual CIGNA Falmouth Road Race. The race, which begins in Woods Hole, Cape Cod, goes right along the ocean, ending 7 miles later in Falmouth Heights. I ran it on behalf of the Melanoma Foundation of New England, ...Read More