My Top Travel Tip: Flytographer  

top travel tip flytographer

Disclosure: None–I paid for these services myself. I just wanted to tell you about it!

Traveling is a big part of my family’s life, and we’ve made seeing the world a priority. For the past two summers, we’ve been very lucky to have had the opportunity to go on extensive trips abroad. One of the highlights of these trips is now my top travel tip: booking professional vacation photos through Flytographer.

I found Flytographer through a travel website, and tried out the service for the first time in 2017, when my family was on a whirlwind trip through New Zealand and Australia. We were moving from place to place every few days for a month, which limited our ability to bring home souvenirs. The photos we had done in Melbourne with Michelle, one of Flytographer’s photographers, was a highlight of our trip and quickly became a favorite way to remember our time together. Michelle was so lovely to work with, and even offered suggestions for places to visit in the area, giving us a local perspective’s on Melbourne and its environs.

top travel tip flytographer

I used Flytographer a second time this summer on another family trip, this one to Greece. We booked Flytographer photographer Ioannis on Santorini, and he shot our family early one morning amid the iconic blue and white buildings that many associate with Greece. His photos capture our personalities—especially my kids—and are again one of our most cherished take-homes from the adventure.

top travel tip flytographerFlytographer has photographers in hundreds of cities around the world. These skilled professionals have been vetted and approved, so you can feel confident that they’ll meet you as arranged—and deliver the photos on time.

I was struck by how easy the service makes finding an experienced photographer. You simply go on the Flytographer site, select your destination, review the portfolios of available Flytographer photographers, select the one you’re interested in, and send in your details (i.e., preferred date, number in party, photo shoot preferences, etc.). Then, a Flytographer concierge works with you and the photographer to set up your shoot, staying in touch with logistical arrangements through the booking and sending the photos to you via email within a week of the session.

In order to get the day, time, and photographer of your choice, my advice is to make sure you book as far in advance as possible. I learned this the first time when I tried to book Flytographer for a visit to Sydney, Australia, only to find that they had no availability (everyone wants photos with the Sydney Opera House in the background)! Melbourne was an excellent alternative, and we’re so thrilled with the photos from both of our shoots.

The fee for this service depends upon several factors, including the length of the session, number of photos, and number of locations.

top travel tip flytographerBe assured that the photographers can feature everyone in your party. For our second shoot, we had nine people in our group–three generations of our family–and Ioannis got terrific shots of all of us (despite the incredibly hot and windy day!).

As you think ahead to your 2019 travel plans—whether in the United States or elsewhere around the world—take a look at Flytographer for a memory-making experience.

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