Happy Weekend, 5.5.17

happy weekend

Happy weekend, friends.

Due to travel (We went to Disney; more on that soon) and deadlines, I’ve missed a few weeks of these posts. I missed pulling a “Happy Weekend” post together for you. It’s my excuse, after all, to surf around the Internet; I tell myself all that reading is “research” (which it is, right?).

Now that spring is here (well, sort of; people were still wearing winter coats in my town yesterday), we’re deep into sports in my house. My son is playing on a baseball team; my husband is his coach. My daughter is playing on a softball team of second and third grade girls, and my husband is in an adult softball league. I am the chauffeur and sidelines cheering squad (yea, Mom!). Our Google calendar is a rainbow of games—lavender for my daughter, blue for my son, red for my husband—all color coded in the hope we don’t miss anything (so far, so good). I’ve talked with a lot of friends who also are juggling conflicting family obligations this season (though I think it’s a perpetual problem in the suburbs of America), racing from game to game, from music lesson to extracurricular academics. This was our challenge, too, especially last spring when my son did four sports at once (never again!), and we adjusted this year by establishing a new rule: one sport per person at a time. So, far, it’s been working for us. Is your spring like this? I’d love to know how you manage family obligations.

In between all of those games, I’ve compiled some writing I’ve found during my journey around the Internet this week. I hope this selection sends you off to the weekend feeling inspired.

-Did you see my piece on Mamalode? It’s about parenting a girl (vs. a boy) and Hamilton.

-Do you “swear like a mother?” (This is hilarious!)

-Do you suck at something? (Me, it’s volleyball and roller blading.) This writer makes a case for why we all should have something in our life that makes us struggle.

This piece, about adoption, simultaneously broke my heart and reminded me how families are created by love, not just DNA.

-I love how this pizza shop is encouraging people to pay it forward.

-“But what is the end? Or is the end just the beginning? Many religions have different views on the afterlife, but what amazes me is that, no matter what the beliefs, there always seem to be signs that are passed on to loved ones after a death.”

-How many books or novels do you read a year? I am aiming for 65 books this year, and this article offers strategies for reading hundreds.

-I’ve been reading more and more about the college pressure on our kids—even elementary school students. This father’s piece about why his children won’t go to his alma mater, Harvard, helps keep the focus on what’s important.

-Important vs. urgent? Priority vs. should do? This clip realigns how to focus your time (it did for me).

-“I don’t have too many books, I don’t have too many books, I don’t have too many books.” If you find yourself chanting this mantra with me, you may be “tsundoku.”

-“What it comes down to is this: Sex positivity rarely exists in a vacuum. It’s usually part of a larger life philosophy that believes all people are entitled to happiness and respect.”

Is your house messy? Does it matter, if it is?

-“Stop apologizing for taking a reasonable length of time to respond to an email” and other excellent advice (I love this article).

Wishing you a weekend of home runs and lazy afternoons,