Weekend Reading, 5.30.14


Please excuse this slightly blurry photo, but that’s my baby—on her last day of day care.

Let me say that again: LAST DAY OF DAY CARE.

I’m a little bit wistful that we’re here already and a whole lot of happy that we’re making the transition from a day care center to a more flexible summer nanny. It’ll give our family a bit of breather with the drop off/pick up stress and will allow our kids a summer of swimming and playing—just being kids. Sounds wonderful, right?

As we head off into the weekend, I want to share a few items that I hope you’ll enjoy:

1 | I love the idea of #ProjectJoy – a great lesson for kids.

2 | Are you a mom of a boy like me? This one is for us.

3 | Have you ever tried Googlism? Mine says that I’m “a mom in the ‘burbs who has been blogging at Red Shutters since 2008” which while technically true had me saying “no, not the ‘burbs!”

4 | You’ve heard about Levar Burton’s Kickstarter campaign, haven’t you?

5 | The Isla Vita shootings were devastating and have left me—and so many others—angry and scared. Here are three pieces to read about it: from Sellabit Mum, Balancing Jane, and Feministing.

6 | Do you have a summer bucket list for your kids? Here’s a start.

7 | This post—about ways to be more here and more happy—resonated with me and hope you find it moving, too.

8 | Gloria’s answer to question 8 – yes, yes, yes!