3 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

fathers day

Last month, I wrote a Mother’s Day gift guide, and my husband studiously noted that of all of the posts I’ve ever written on Red Shutters that one felt the most directed to him.

Hint, hint, indeed.

It wasn’t my intent, of course, but if he found my post helpful, hurrah! However, to make the point that I wasn’t writing just to offer him suggestions to celebrate me on Mother’s Day (though I didn’t mind that one bit), today I am sharing ways to celebrate Father’s Day, for those seeking last minute inspiration (equal opportunity and all that). After all, Father’s Day is just five days away!

  1. When our kids were still in diapers, every Father’s Day (and on his birthday), I gave my husband a free pass on changing diapers. For the full 24 hours, he—normally a very hands-on, help-in-every-way dad—didn’t have to change one diaper, or even wipe a runny nose. He did the same for me on Mother’s Day, and it was a get-out-of-jail card we both appreciated. Consider doing something similar for the dad in your life. Would he love a break from mowing the lawn? Washing the car? Packing school lunches? Organizing the recycling? Find that task and let him skip it this Father’s Day.
  1. In our house, the parent being celebrated gets to decide how to spend the day. Want to sleep in? Have breakfast in bed? Spend time with family and friends? Carve out alone time? See a baseball game, or catch a movie? This Sunday, let Dad decide. For Father’s Day 2015, my husband will head out for long mountain bike ride in the morning, the kids and I will treat him to a special lunch, and then we’ll have friends over in the afternoon for a barbeque—a perfect mix of activities he loves.
  1. Everyone loves gifts, but it can be hard to find the right thing that says “you’re the #1 Dad.” I still have flashbacks to the year I gave my dad a super ugly tie for Father’s Day; I knew I “struck out” on that gift before he opened the box. My key for Father’s Day gift giving is to give something that celebrates one of Dad’s interests. My husband has started to listen to audio books while commuting to work, so this Father’s Day, the kids and I are giving him a subscription to Audible (and he already knows; I inadvertently sent him the receipt instead of myself—so much for surprises!). In year’s past, we gave him an assortment of craft beers and bike gear—gifts that match how he enjoys spending his time. Find the same connection with the dad (or dads!) you’re honoring this holiday.

Most of all, have a fun day! Sometimes, we get all caught up in making a day perfect that we forget that perfect isn’t always what we need (or want); being together and showing appreciation is what makes Father’s Day—and really any day—the best day.

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