100 Days of School

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Somewhere, in the midst of all these snow days, we passed the 100th day of school (how come it’s felt much longer than that?). I had no idea that when you reached 100 days of school, it was a holiday and you had a party. What you learn in elementary school!

This year, I’m a room parent for the each of my children’s classes (not my wisest decision–thank goodness I have co-room parents who are great). Thanks to these roles, I now understand that the 100th day of school is serious business. For my son’s first grade class, I signed up in September (around day 10) to plan a 100 days event, which is now (or sometime around now). Due to all of the snow we’ve been having in the Northeast, our 100 days party is being combined with a Valentine’s Day party (of course, this begs the really important question: why are there so many parties in first grade?).

To get ready for 100 days, I made, as you do in 2015 when you know a thing or two about a social media, a Pinterest board. Putting together this board made me realize (a) I could never be an elementary school teacher (I am not creative enough), and (b) Pinterest is a time suck (but a very fun time suck).

If you’re planning a 100 day party for your child’s class, check out these ideas below. (These ideas also come in handy if you’re fearing another snow day and are looking for something to keep the kids occupied.)

What can I do in 100 seconds?

100 Cup Challenge

100th Day Glasses

Color by Code Counting Exercise

100 Penny Letter

100 Day Activity Roundups:
From pinwheels and paper chains to gumballs and crowns

I wish the ideas I found were more about service: have everyone bring in 100 pennies and buy an animal for a family in need through Heifer International, or spend 100 minutes doing a service project for the school community. Something where our kids learn that the time that is being spent on art projects that they likely won’t remember in a few months can also be spent in service to others–a lesson that can last much longer than 100 days or minutes.

If you have 100 day of school activities–service, art, fun, or whatever–that you love (or maybe just like), let me know in the comments. We parents have to stick together.

Happy 100 days!

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