Weekend Reading, 6.6.14

My to do list for the weekend includes two kid play dates, one T-ball game, errands, and a back yard poison ivy eradication project (those plants are going down!). I’ll also be kicking off a two-week detox (yup, the same one I wrote about here), so please send my family good wishes as I give up coffee.

As we say goodbye to the week, I want to share a few items of Weekend Reading that I hope you’ll enjoy:

So pretty, right? Someday, these will be in my yard--and not poison ivy!

So pretty, right? Someday, these will be in my yard–and not poison ivy!

1 | Licking a melting popsicle while sitting outside at dusk feels like a perfect summer moment; here are 50 popsicle recipes to make that moment delicious.

2 | My kids asked to stay in the car while I ran an errand today. I said no. Here’s the story of one mom who said yes (spoiler: her kid was fine).

3 | “For most of us, in short, work is a depleting, dispiriting experience, and in some obvious ways, it’s getting worse.”

4 | The “rampant sexual violence in India…is drawing attention to a glaring problem across the country that threatens women’s safety: the lack of toilets.”

5 | In addition to summer bucket list (here’s ours), parents need creative ideas—here are 40!—of things to do with kids during the summer.

6 | I love reading the advice of moms who have older kids; here’s the perspective of one 18-year motherhood veteran.

7 | Moms need “school friends,” too; here are the five kinds you’ll want.

8 | Will social media change the outcome of the escalating violence against women?

9 | Have you ever considered the foster care experience from the perspective of the foster parent? Here’s one foster mom’s story.

10 | I have a vision of myself drinking this ginger mine lime float on a warm summer evening… sigh…


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