Weekend Reading, 3.28.14

Hi all! I’m sitting in the airport, awaiting my increasingly delayed flight (I’m off on a business trip for work) and indulging in one of my favorite things: people watching. I love wondering where people are off to, where they’ve come from, what they’re reading on their Kindles, and how they may or may not be connected to the person or persons sitting bedside them. I always make their stories romantic and hopeful, though the longer my flight is delayed, the more dark and dreary I may make my tall tales.

Regardless, with the not-so-good wifi connection I have today, this wondering kills time.

For your Weekend Reading, there’s no wondering: I have good stuff for you. Today, instead of sharing links to a variety of different articles or blog posts that I found inspiring or engaging, I am highlighting Boston area bloggers. They are women (yes, this list is all women!) who are funny, kind, and talented. I know several of them personally, so I can confidently say “check them out”! I’m listing their Facebook pages below. Go visit, “like” their pages even, and tell them Red Shutters sent you…

Dollops of Diane

Fortuitous Housewife

I’m More Awesomer

Keeping Mommy Sane

Masshole Mommy

Napkin Hoarder

Real Food Real Deals

Viola Cay

And, have a great weekend! I’ll be in the Mile High City, where, lucky for me, I get to carve time out of my business travel to see dear family and friends. I already know it’s going to be special.