Froyo Innovation: Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearl

What’s round and cold and yummy?

A pearl, a yogurt pearl that is.


Stonyfield launched a brand-new product last week, the Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearl, and it is the latest “I must eat this now” foodstuff in our house. We were lucky to get a special home delivery of the Pearls from the team at Stonyfield, and they were—truly—inhaled within five minutes of opening the package.

The Pearls, developed by Stonyfield in conjunction with WikiFoods, are fruit wrapped around organic frozen yogurt. The fruit acts like a “skin” of sorts, keeping the frozen yogurt intact while doing away with the need for plastic packaging. Mistakenly leave a Pearl on your counter while you race around the kitchen getting the kids off to school? No problem—the skin will keep the frozen yogurt safe from melting everywhere. And, if little hands inadvertently drop the Pearl onto the floor? Again, no problem—just pick it up and wash it off. (Yup, I underlined that to emphasize how cool it is.) Then, pop it into your mouth. Wow.

The Pearls’ innovation is part of Stonyfield’s long-term commitment to being eco-friendly. As someone whose recycling bin is filled every week with multiple plastic yogurt containers, decreasing packaging is an idea I can wholeheartedly support.

Each Pearl is 25 to 35 calories, and the flavor combinations are terrific. My favorite was the chocolate frozen yogurt wrapped up in coconut, while my daughter went straight for the strawberry fruit/chocolate frozen yogurt combination. My son claimed the lone banana/chocolate option in our sampling, declaring it just what he wanted. Other flavors include peach and vanilla, and banana and vanilla.

I envision these Pearls as healthy treat options for my kids. A stash in the freezer for after dinner cravings would also help my husband and me stick to our “be healthy” commitment.


Thanks to @cindymeltz for delivering our Pearls — and our won’t-take-’em-off Yo Kids! capes!

Currently, Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearls can exclusively be found at several Massachusetts Whole Foods Markets, including stores at Fresh Pond in Cambridge and at Charles River Park in Boston. Whole Foods is selling the Pearls in the freezer section in pre-packaged biodegradable cellulose sacs made from wood fiber. A pack of two is $3.99. Long-term, the company hopes to roll out the Pearls to other grocery stores and even set-up yogurt “bars” where you can scoop the Pearl right into your grocery basket.

Yum, indeed.

Disclosure: The Pearls were provided to me by Stonyfield to review. However, all of the opinions in this post are mine. 

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