Weekend Reading, 2.15.14


Bubbles, bubble, bubbles

Hi lovely people! Sorry for the radio silence this week. My brain was churning out blog ideas, but my day-to-day life didn’t afford the space to breathe deeply and write.

I’m getting back into the swing of things by sharing some “Weekend Reading” with you. Formerly known as the “Roundup,” this is where you’ll find blogs or articles I’ve come across in the past week that I thought you might like. Take a look. Let me know what you think. There’s no like button here, but you can tell me what you love in the comments below.

Speaking of love (Happy belated Valentine’s Day, by the way), last night, I took a break from the second season of “House of Cards” (ooo, I love some Frank Underwood!), and caught the end of “Notting Hill” with my husband. “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” (Sigh.) I do love that movie, especially at the end when the Elvis Costello music starts playing.  It’s one of those flicks I can catch multiple times (isn’t it always on cable somewhere?) and enjoy each time.

However, movies and TV have taken a back seat to the Olympics in our house. Are you watching #TeamUSA? I love the speed skating; my husband and kids have been into the skiing. We’ve caught the ice skating as well. It’s always so inspiring to watch the athletes strive for their goals.

And, as for goals, I hope one of yours this weekend is to find some downtime for yourself to relax and read on…

1 | I, too, struggle with how much and what to share online, and this post tapped into my concerns that, sometimes, our real lives might be better without our online ones: What We Share Online from Surrender Dorothy

2 | Are you naked in front of your kids? When does modesty start becoming an issue? Naked House from Keeping Mommy Sane

3 | This eco-friendly blog has so much useful information about making smart, green choices, and this post on shampoo has me rethinking what’s in my shower: Non-Toxic Shampoos from Groovy Green Livin

4 | With a title like this, how could I NOT share it? Better than Sex Cake from Center Cut Cook

5 | My mother-in-law was on NPR! Live Radio Interview from Said and Done: A Writer’s Blog

6 | Losing stamina with your new year’s fitness regimen? Here’s some encouragement to stay focused: On Patience from Semi-Sweet

7 | I was stunned by the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, and found this piece to be moving: The Master: Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman from The New Yorker

8 | I’m a sucker for organizing tips: Organizing School Records from I Heart Organizing

9 | Now, this is a house! The Winged House from Design Milk

10 | And, since I started this post talking about the challenge of finding space for blog, I’ll end with a post on just that topic: Making Space for Blogging from Wandering Scientist


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