More Books!

I finished two more books!

I’m on a roll, as they say, with my “read more books in 2014” goal. I credit my continued success to my handy iPad, currently loaded with books (it’s so easy to add them!), and to some compelling stories. Here’s what I read last week:


1. Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin – I’ve had this book on my “to read” list FOREVER. I finally got to it—and now I get why people love it so much. Maupin has captured a time (1970s) and place (San Francisco) so well; it’s one of those novels where feel immersed in the characters and their stories. Fortunately for me—and you, too—if you’ve not read about Mrs. Madrigal and the others of 28 Barbary Lane, this book has sequels! I love sequels; they are the perfect solution for books I never want to end.

2. The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh – As I mentioned in this post, I’ve joined a new book club in my town. For February, we’re reading The Language of Flowers, and I’m hosting our gathering next week. This book is a compelling story about a young woman caught in the foster care system, and it’s also about how, thanks to a love of, and deep appreciation for, flowers, she finds her way through rejection and sadness. The book also provides an excellent overview on the meaning of flowers. For example, did you know yellow roses mean infidelity or jealousy? Or that moss means maternal love? This novel is worth checking out.

What am I reading next? Well, I thought I might finally catch up on the newspaper from last weekend….but I’d love some book suggestions! Feel free to share your ideas in the comments.