The First Day of Kindergarten (and More)


We did it! The first day of kindergarten finally arrived today.

I didn’t cry, though I’ll admit that when we walked onto the playground and saw all of the kids and their families gathered together to go into the school, I almost lost it. I repeated my mantra of “hold it together, hold it together” over and over in my head throughout drop-off and bit my lip a few times to prevent the inevitable tears. R was such a trooper—a very quiet trooper, but that’s his way of processing new information and experiences. Once he found the books and cars in the classroom, he settled in just fine and barely blinked when Grandma and I left.

We have other events to celebrate today: my daughter moves into a new preschool classroom, my husband starts a new job, and my husband and I mark our eighth wedding anniversary. September 3 has turned out to be one of the memorable days we’ll hold in our hearts for some time to come.

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