Paris, Part 3

This one is all about visiting the Louvre, our first stop on the next day of our trip to Paris last month.
She is gorgeous–and “huge” (as my mom would say)–requiring at least a day to explore.
We had an hour. Nonetheless, we had a wonderful time.
She is stately….
….with quiet moments….
….amid the wonder of many centuries.
See the people on the left? They, like us, lined up very early on a Sunday morning
to get into the museum just as it opened.
There she is: the main reason we went to the Louvre, the Mona Lisa.
Another must-see: Venus de Milo or Aphrodite.
I thought these sphinges looked so stunning all lined up.
And, oui, sphinges is plural for sphinx; we just learned a new word today!
Another interesting gathering in the Egyptian Antiquities Collection.
The Louvre’s Pyramid from inside
And again….
More to follow on our trip….