We did it!

On Sunday, August 15, I ran the Falmouth Road Race with my sister-in-law, Roopal, and her cousin/my friend, Rajeev. (That’s us after the race.) Roopal and I finished the 7 mile race in 1:16:27–two minutes quicker than when I ran it in 2008. My finish, though? I came in 7,765th!
The race, which starts in Woods Hole, was a lot of fun. We had fantastic weather, and an excited, fun group of racers–you would not have believed the number of young kids (i.e., under 10) who ran the race! Rajeev ran ahead of us (you can’t blame him: not only is he actually an athlete, but I think he’s two feet taller than me), and he finished in under an hour. Go Raj!
Roopal and I spent the first three miles dodging through the crowd; in fact, there were so many runners that, at one point, I was jogging in place to get past the Nobska Lighthouse! When we hit mile four, we were running along the beach, and the musicians were playing and the crowds were cheering. The race curves through Falmouth, ending at the top of a hill (of course!), under a large American flag.
All in all, it was a terrific time. I’m amazed at myself that I finished so well–and kept up with Roopal. We’re both one year post-baby, but still, she’s in better shape than me–and has the longest leg I’ve ever seen (we figured out that, for every step she took, I took two).
Additionally, thanks to my generous family and friends, I raised $2,250 for the Melanoma Foundation of New England, the charity for which I ran the race. Thank you to Jen; Alison, Rob, and Trevor; Ellen; Mom; Mike, Lindsey, Abby, and Jane; Dave, Roopal, Kai, and Jorin; Aunt Lynn and Uncle Tom; Maria and Charles; Mari; Peter; Amy and Amanda; Carey Sue; Jen; Sara, Bob, Dylan, and Luke; Lauren, Brad, Lydia, and Everett; Rajeev; Uncle Jerry and Aunt Susie; and Michael. Thank you all very, very much. Your support for me, and for the Melanoma Foundation, means so much, and I’m very grateful for your help.

(Here I am after the race with Rob and the kids.)
As for another race…well, we’ll see…..I did find myself on the Tufts 10K website the other day….you never know, perhaps I might like this running thing after all!
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