Books, books, books

Started in January 2006, my Book Club is a wonderful way to connect with a terrific group of women (Beth, Bryna, Gemma, Laura, Lindsey, Sara — plus former members Andrea and Heather) — and read some great books. The books, of course, are secondary; it’s the friendships that have been the most important part of this gathering for me.

For fun, I’m including a list of the books we’ve read; the asterisks indicate books I really enjoyed.

The Pearl Diver
My Sister’s Keeper*
Under the Banner of Heaven
Between Two Worlds
The Awakening
History of Love
Tortilla Curtain (Hated it!)
Devil in the White City*
The Sun Also Rises*
Memory Keeper’s Daughter*
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan*
Running with Scissors
Freakonomics (Didn’t read; I know, awful)
Saving Fish from Drowning
A Thousand Splendid Suns
Water for Elephants*
Time Traveler’s Wife* (Loved it!)
Eat, Pray, Love*
The Emperor’s Children (Didn’t read)
Three Cups of Tea*
Inheritance of Loss*
Breath, Eyes, Memory (Didn’t read)
These is My Words (Haven’t read yet!)

Number one favorite was “Time Traveler’s Wife,” number two was “Twilight,” number three was “Middlesex.” But, I love books, all books, so it’s hard for me to choose favorites.