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Trying Something New

I’ve been quiet on Red Shutters this past week. But, I haven’t been away from writing. I’m taking a six-week writing workshop at a writing center in Boston, and, as a result, all of my free time has been swallowed up by writing essays ...Read More

Six Word Memoirs

Sometimes, finding inspiration for the latest blog post can be hard. I often have the ideas, but they float away in the choppy ocean of other responsibilities. I therefore appreciate any chance I can get to save those inspirations from drowning. Today, my inspiration comes from Mama ...Read More

Book Review: The Sandcastle Girls

Last week, the laundry sat on the chair in the den for several days, unfolded and wrinkling. I just couldn’t find a moment to fold it; each free second was spent reading The Sandcastle Girls, the new book from Chris Bohjalian. Before I tell ...Read More