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Thoughts on Grief, Part 1

Photo Credit Flecks of gray polish remain on two of my toenails. The rest of the polish has chipped off over the past nine weeks. I don’t want to take it off; the polish should stay there until it disappears all by itself. I ...Read More

My Mom

I’ve been largely absent on Red Shutters the past few weeks, and I want to explain why.   My beloved mother passed away on August 31. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2006, she survived multiple reoccurrences of the disease over the past nine and ...Read More

Meet Figgy

We’re going to file this post under “I am becoming my mother.”  This is Figgy. Beautiful, isn’t she? Figgy is a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, otherwise known as the plant you see in every interior design photo. Its official name is Ficus Lyrata and ...Read More