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100 Days of School

100 days. Somewhere, in the midst of all these snow days, we passed the 100th day of school (how come it’s felt much longer than that?). I had no idea that when you reached 100 days of school, it was a holiday and you had a ...Read More

First Day of School!

We did it! Today was the first day of school, and we welcomed the start of the new academic year with big smiles. R, now a first grader, was excited, though apprehensive at the prospect of homework (it’s really happening) and uncooperative about his clothing choices ...Read More

Summer Planning

At a picnic yesterday, I caught up with some friends, and the inevitable “So, what are your kids doing this summer?” question came up. One of my friends, a mother of two, rattled off her daughters’ plans: camp A, gymnastics camp, and camp B. ...Read More

24 Days to Go

On my town’s parent email listserv today someone asked the question I had been wondering about: when is the last day of school? As a first-time elementary school parent, I wasn’t so sure—despite having town-wide school calendar taped inside my date book. I had ...Read More