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Summer Bucket List: Ice Cream, Part 3

Rainbow sherbet. Mint chocolate chip ice cream. Almond chip custard. Vanilla-chocolate soft serve swirl. Strawberry ice cream. Chocolate sprinkles. Rainbow sprinkles. Oreo ice cream. Mocha fudge ice cream. Pistachio yogurt. Rocky road ice cream. I’ve lost track of the ice cream flavors we’ve tried on ...Read More

On Wrinkles and Beauty

They have a ritual, my daughter and mother. My daughter, G, at some point during my mother’s visit, sits in my mother’s lap, takes my mother’s face in her little hands, and asks, “Grandma, why do you have so many wrinkles?” My mother takes ...Read More

Hot Coffee

One of my goals from attending BlogHer’13 last weekend is to write more often. Writing is a muscle, one of the speakers explained, and the more you use it, the stronger it will become. So, to that end, I’m joining NaBloPoMo this month. NaBloPoMo ...Read More