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The Beauty of Friendship

The cards arrived soon after my mother came to our house. “Happy Easter, my friend,” read one. “Hope you are enjoying your visit with the grandkids,” said another. All were signed love and included a “miss you” note. All were from my mother’s friends. ...Read More


Getting through the Tokyo Train Station that hot summer morning, nearly twenty years ago, was exhausting. As I made my way to the tracks of the shinkansen, Japan’s “bullet” train, I pushed through crowds of travelers and commuters, each rushing for one of the more than 3,000 ...Read More

An Ode to Friendship

Time for friends I saw this card recently: Remember when we wanted to change the world? And, inside: Now, all we want to do is pee alone? It is the type of card one girlfriend would give to another and it is so right. ...Read More