Christmas Archive

Countdown to Christmas

Hi there! I’m back. I didn’t mean to take a break from Red Shutters. I definitely didn’t intend to go into “radio silence” for 11 days—especially after the 33 days of continuous posts that made November and early December so busy here. But, life—that thing ...Read More

Bye Bye Christmas 2013

And, whoosh… the holidays are over. Yesterday, after the last guest departed, I felt as if I had emerged from a long-distance underwater swim.  When the door closed and the last good-bye was made, it was as if I had broken through the surface ...Read More

Holiday Traditions

I have been thinking a lot lately about why the traditions of the holiday season are so important. Part of this was fueled by my children’s excitement when I unpacked our holiday decorations; they oohed and aahhed over our Christmas cookie jars and had ...Read More