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The Case for Adequacy

I read an article in The New York Times the other day in which a CEO of an insurance company was interviewed about her career development, management style, and hiring techniques. She said that, from childhood, her parents had instilled in her and her ...Read More

Today I am 42

I am writing this post, on my forty-second birthday, surrounded by reminders of what makes such a day special. I do love birthdays, though enthusiasm for my own has waned since my children came on the scene. My birthday is now more quiet and ...Read More

Advice for New Parents: My Top 5

Three people I know recently had babies–congratulations to the new Mamas!–and it got me thinking about my days with newborns. My “babies” are now almost 3 and almost 5 (that’s them in the photo at the reservoir near our house), and so much of ...Read More