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Birthday Reflections

Two days ago found me in the parking lot of an outdoor store—one of those chains that sells everything from Go Pros and hiking books to mountain climbing equipment and all weather socks. I wore a fluorescent yellow vest and a black helmet and ...Read More

Today I am 42

I am writing this post, on my forty-second birthday, surrounded by reminders of what makes such a day special. I do love birthdays, though enthusiasm for my own has waned since my children came on the scene. My birthday is now more quiet and ...Read More

On Wrinkles and Beauty

They have a ritual, my daughter and mother. My daughter, G, at some point during my mother’s visit, sits in my mother’s lap, takes my mother’s face in her little hands, and asks, “Grandma, why do you have so many wrinkles?” My mother takes ...Read More


The other day I described my life to a coworker as a candle burning at both ends with the wax dripping all over the kitchen floor. Granted, it wasn’t the clearest of metaphors, but I think I got the point across: I have too ...Read More

The Boob Post

Disclaimer: This post is about the ta tas, my friends, so be warned. But, don’t worry, I’m keeping it PG (or PG-13).  I had a mammogram the other day. A mammogram. Thankfully, no reason except I’m 40. 40, my peeps. Yep, that’s me. (OK, ...Read More