Happy Weekend, 3.17.17

Happy weekend, friends. Happy St. Patrick’s to all of you celebrating today.

I’m writing this post as the news of Trump’s budget explodes all over the Internet. This piece from the New York Times breaks down which parts of our government will be slashed in the proposal. All of the things I care about—the environment, science, the arts, community service, education, international relations—are in jeopardy for being unable to continue large aspects of their mission as a result of these cuts. I’m angry—and scared. What if this budget passes? What will be the impact on future generations? Who are we as a country, if we so undervalue our environment? The arts? Education?

Maybe you read about Trump’s budget proposal and saw good things; for instance, greater funding for veterans is something we can all agree is needed, right? But, I can’t help but worry that shortsightedness is running Washington these days. Consideration for the future of our country seems to be left behind.

Well, I can do more than complain about the budget, can’t I? I’m reaching out to my elected officials and asking for their efforts to preserve the priorities I believe in, and I encourage you to do the same—even if you don’t agree with me. We all need to speak up.

happy weekend

Last month, my family spied this wild bison roaming around Antelope Island in Utah. What will happen to it, and other wild animals, if the Trump administration cuts program to protect our wildlife and the environment?

In other news, I’m sharing writing I’ve found during my journey around the Internet this week. I hope this selection sends you off to the weekend feeling inspired.

-Will it matter if I contact my elected officials? This is what calling Congress achieves.

-It doesn’t feel like spring in New England, not with 10 inches of snow in my yard and below freezing temperatures, but Monday is the first day of spring! It’s true. To embrace the (sort of) change in seasons, here are some spring cleaning decluttering tips (that are doable–I promise).

-When I was in my twenties, I traveled quite a bit to southern Africa, and had the opportunity to learn about the San people. It’s a fascinating culture that seems so alien to the busy 21st century lives so many of us live. But different doesn’t mean their customs shouldn’t be respected, and the San people agree. They have been pushing back against researchers who have been taking advantage of them.

-But for a comma, this court case would have ended differently.

-In a Florida high school, students created a club to make sure no one sits alone at lunch. Sounds simple, right? It’s having a long-lasting impact.

-Even in 2017, it’s still possible to come across major archaeological finds. This one was hiding beneath a Cairo neighborhood.

-We all could benefit from these tips for detecting and managing anxiety in kids.

-I dream of traveling for months at a time with my family. This couple spent 2.5 months traveling the US, and I so want to follow in their footsteps.

-How many exclamation points should writers use?

-I’ve shared stories about librarians before on Red Shutters—they are heroes in my book (pun intended!)—and this story shows us how they work to save history and the truth.

Wishing you a weekend of warmth and wonder,

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