Get Ready for Valentine’s Day!

Oh Valentine’s Day! You sneak up on my every year, you and your let’s-flood-the-world-with-red-pink-and-hearts.

Now that both of my kids are in elementary school, Valentine’s Day is a we-must-celebrate event. The kids have parties in their classrooms, and there are valentines to distribute to classmates and teachers. They are excited about February 14, so I am, too. Hope these Valentine’s Day suggestions help you get ready for Cupid – only 9 days to go!

valentines_day_red_shutters1 | We always have crackers for Christmas, and I love this idea for Valentine’s Day crackers.

2 | Want to make an extra special Valentine’s Day card for your honey? Here’s a step-by-step how-to to make your own mini zine.

3 | Making your own cards not your thing (I hear you!)? Check out this listing of cards available on Etsy or download these printables.

4 | I spent the other morning addressing Valentine’s Day cards with my 5-year-old, deciding that we weren’t going to make our own this year. But if you’re the crafty type, here’s how you can make your own cute (not scary) monster cards.

5 | Don’t like monsters? Try this guide to make a superhero valentine.

6 | Lollipop, lollipop… oh lolly, lolly. Lollipop!

7 | Facing another snow day? Make these Kiss Me cookies.

8 | My husband and I don’t give each other Valentine’s Day gifts; we exchange cards and go out to dinner instead. But, if we did, I might send him this gift guide.

9 | Got a date for Valentine’s Day, but not sure what to do? Here are some ideas.

10 | Looking for Valentine’s Day crafts for you and your kids? Try these or these.

All you need is love.
But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.
-Charles M. Schulz

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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