First Day of School!

We did it! Today was the first day of school, and we welcomed the start of the new academic year with big smiles.


R, now a first grader, was excited, though apprehensive at the prospect of homework (it’s really happening) and uncooperative about his clothing choices (who knew boys cared so much about what they wear?). G, with her two missing bottom teeth and fancy shoes, skipped off to kindergarten with two thumbs up and calls for “no more pictures, Mom.”

I held it together, worrying about supplies, lockers, and after school pickup. It was only at the end of getting the kids settled in their new classrooms, as I was leaving for the PTA breakfast (sign up for this committee! be a room parent!) that I struggled with the “how-did-we-get-here” feeling. Sometimes, these transitions are hardest on the parents for we see clearly the distance we’ve traveled and know what’s yet to come. More and more, I wish my secret superhero parent power was to slow down time. I’d make days like today last forever.

Wishing you and yours a successful school year!

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