Summer Bucket List: Ice Cream, Part 2

Our quest to eat lots and lots of ice cream continues. Think we’re getting bored of this summer bucket list adventure? Nope, our love for the melty yummy stuff remains undiminished. Here’s our rundown of where we have been…


The verdict is: yum!

The Farm, Essex, MA – After an afternoon at the beach, we headed to The Farm for dinner with friends. It was just the way to end one of those perfect summer days when you’re warm with sun and happy with good memories. The Farm has good food, with a volleyball court in the back for the six kids in our group to play on while we waited for our meals (a brilliant idea). The Farm’s ice cream shop is a window around the side of the building, and all 12 of us enjoyed our ice cream selections. Even G, despite dropping her beloved purple cow cone onto the ground, was pleased (thankfully, we recovered most of it). Interestingly, the women in our group all selected the coffee frozen yogurt—a trend, perhaps?

Twin Acres, Sandwich, MA – If my husband and I had gotten a pre-nuptial agreement, it likely would have included a provision that, when in Sandwich, I would eat ice cream at no other place than Twin Acres. His family is one of many who swear this charming ice cream shoppe is the best around. And, they’re right. The ice cream is delicious, the grounds are pretty with lots of place to sit, and there’s even a large rock for post-ice cream climbing. As with previous ice cream adventures, G got purple cow, though this time it had chocolate chips, and I got coffee chip frozen yogurt (yes, yes, I gotta branch out). Nana joined our adventure, selecting chocolate chip ice cream, while R got chocolate, and my husband got his favorite: the soft-serve chocolate-vanilla twist. An A+ ice cream trip, and we’ll definitely be back.

Polar Cub, Whitehouse Station, NJ – New Jersey? A bit far from Massachusetts, I know, but we were down visiting Grandma, an avowed ice cream lover. We were obligated therefore to check out an ice cream place in the area so famous that the police are frequently called in to direct traffic on hot summer nights. For those who visited Polar Cub while growing up, this place is quintessentially summer. People love, love, love Polar Cub. For us, it was OK. The baby-sized cone was truly small, which was great (we’ve been to plenty of places where the small size is huge and the kid size is large, giving a new understanding to super size), but the cones disintegrated once the ice cream started to melt. And the grounds are no-frills and a bit industrial. The soft-serve connoisseurs in my family downed their treats with relish but asked to try another place next time—which is not what you want to hear from your customers. R, however, branched out into rainbow sherbet and was one happy, sticky boy.

Oh, and the lessons we’ve learned so far about these bucket list adventures? Pack baby wipes (lots of them), as they are much more effective cleaning little fingers than napkins. And, kids can still manage to eat a good dinner when they inhale ice cream at 2:30 PM–no matter what they might say.

Disclosures: None.