Summertime Reading


I’ve been thinking a lot about books lately. Likely, it’s the result of the dearth of time to read these days. There’s a stack of 13 books on my bedside table, calling to me. Some of them have been there for more than a year and others are new from a recent, spontaneous trip to Savers. Plus, under the bedside table is a basket of magazines I still have to get to. Oh, and  my blog reader today tells me I have more than 2,500 unread posts. My New Yorker subscription, though, that one I have under control; it’s my must-read before I fall asleep each night. And, the kids’ reading before bedtime ritual is intact, though, increasingly, we’re trying to get R to take on the reading duties.

Since reading for pleasure is a “me thing,” it’s not surprising that, in an increasingly packed schedule, I’m losing time for this hobby, one that I have enjoyed immensely since childhood. It used to be that I could find time for a great book no matter what. But, lately, I’m having to rely on deadlines to get in what I adore. For example, for almost a year, I’ve been a reader with Red Letter Reads, a website that offers reviews of books, many of which are soon-to-be-released. I have three upcoming reviews for the site, including:

My personal reading to do list is beyond catching up. I’ve even stopped asking friends for book suggestions, though I have been known to wander through bookstores, smartphone in hand, snapping pics of books that look too good to miss. Perhaps I’ll catch up on my reading list in retirement!

Despite my book backlog, we’re making excellent progress on the kids’ books. Highlights for this summer are:

  • The Magic Treehouse books – We’re scouring local used bookstores for these beloved chapter books; I carry a short list of what we still need (book #6!) in my purse. 
  • Greek myths – R has developed, thanks to his preK teachers, a great interest in the Greek myths, so these chapter books from Barefoot Books are next on our list.

What’s on your summer reading list? Or your kids?

Photo credit: Silvia Sala via photopin cc