Go Green!

We’re pretty excited about our little town’s efforts to go green….

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick designated Arlington, as one of the Commonwealth’s first official “Green Communities.” This is a distinct recognition by the Commonwealth that the Town of Arlington is at the forefront of reducing energy usage and emissions through energy efficiency and reduction initiatives.

“The designation recognizes all that the Town has already done to demonstrate its commitment to being “green,” said Town Manager Brian Sullivan. “It also puts the Town in the position to further reach energy reduction goals, through access to State grant dollars for green energy projects.”

The Town met all five clean energy benchmarks set by the program, including the recent adoption of the energy-saving building “stretch code” voted by Town Meeting.

Working with Sustainable Arlington, the Town is planning to apply for projects that will reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency. The grant application is intended to include:

– Request for Funding to begin converting High Pressure Sodium streetlights to LED streetlights.
– Upgrade of Energy Management System at the Hardy School.
– Replacement of Steam Traps in Arlington High School’s heating system.

The Green Communities designation makes Arlington, along with 34 other municipalities in the state, eligible for $8.1 million in grants for local renewable power and energy efficiency projects. The projects promise to create green jobs and advance both municipal and state clean energy goals.

Read the full release from the Governor’s office and learn more about the Green Communities program here.