Happy Weekend, 3.24.17

Happy weekend, friends! Did you catch my piece in The Boston Globe last weekend? I wrote about buying my first home—and falling in love.

Speaking of expensive purchases (the house, not the husband), yesterday, I met with my daughter’s dentist and learned that she needs orthodontic work. He showed me x-rays of my daughter’s face and head to illustrate why she needs intervention at just seven years old, and then explained expanders, retainers, braces, and a baby tooth that is causing some trouble and needs to be pulled. After our consultation, the administrator came in the room to tell me how much all of this would cost. Whoa. I’m not exaggerating when I describe the bill—after insurance—as jaw-dropping. It’s a good thing I like my kid.

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In an effort to distract myself from dollar signs, I’ve been online, watching silly videos and reading articles about important and not-so-important topics (but were successful in getting me to think about something other than teeth). I’ve compiled some of the writing I’ve found during my journey around the Internet for you here today. I hope this selection sends you off to the weekend feeling inspired.

Making efforts to protect Boston’s firefighters: “There’s little debate that firefighters are more likely than the average desk jockey to succumb to cancer.”

Washing up: “It started as an experiment in saving some money, but then something happened – we never stopped.”

Nerding out over words: “Dictionaries are often seen as argument-settling arbiters of truth. But their job, Ms. Stamper notes, isn’t to say what something is, but to objectively and comprehensively catalog the many different ways words are used by real people.”

Sprinkling some fun into your day: How this favorite sundae topping is made.

Changing our worldview: “We hope students gain a deeper understanding of the importance of researching and analyzing multiple perspectives in order to develop their own conclusions about the world around them.”

Using art to confront bias: “Although it’s unfortunate… it’s sort of my responsibility as a black male photographer to create a positive representation of my peers.”

Understanding the reach of the National Endowment for the Arts: “Here’s a sampling of famous American art created with the help of the endowment since it was founded in 1965.”

Saying goodbye to spring: “This is the motion sickness of climate change: The world lurches, and our bodies know that all is not well.”

Kicking work-life balance to the curb “Whether someone wants flexibility for their health, their family or an outside interest, don’t evaluate what they are making adjustments for and why they choose to flex. What they value is what they value.”

Traveling the world through the eyes of a child: “Flying on planes is cool. But it would be better in business class.”

Embracing the accomplishments of immigrants: 83% of America’s top high school science students are the children of immigrants

Rethinking parenting: “What if it has never been our job—or our right—to protect our children from every incoming bump and bruise? What if, instead, our obligation is to point them directly toward life’s inevitable trials and tribulations and say, ‘Honey, that challenge was made for you. It might hurt, but it will also nurture wisdom, courage, and character. I can see what you’re going through, and it’s big. But I can also see your strength, and that’s even bigger. This won’t be easy, but we can do hard things.’”

Wishing you a weekend of sleeping in and having fun,