Bye Bye Tangles: A Review of SoCozy

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by SoCozy. All opinions included here are my own.

My seven-year-old daughter, G, and I disagree most often about one issue: brushing her hair. I think she should brush her long hair, now past her shoulder blades, at least twice a day. She sees brushing her hair as optional, though she will agree to combing it out after washing (though even that is a struggle).

Ever since I agreed to let G grow her hair long, we’ve had this battle. It’s not unusual for me to threaten to cut it all off, especially after a tear-laden exchange over getting out the tangles that tie up her long blonde strands in knots. We’ve tried everything to keep her hair tangle-free: shampoos guaranteed to get rid of knots, leave-in conditioners, and special brushes promising to end the tears once and for all. All were okay—though none delivered fully on their promises—and the battle to take care of G’s hair continued.

Over the past year, I’ve also become more cognizant of the ingredients of the products we use in our home, including shampoos and conditioners. Several of the products I had previously used on G’s hair were filled with the chemicals I am working to move us away from. That gave me yet another important reason to try a new product.

SoCozyEnter SoCozy, a line of hair products for kids. SoCozy products are non-toxic and made without parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic color, and propylene glycol. They are also free of alcohol, gluten, wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts. The mission of SoCozy is to create products that are safe, effective, and easy (one of their taglines is “because being a parent isn’t always easy, we make haircare that is”).

socozy reviewThe folks at SoCozy invited me to give their products a try on G’s tangle-prone mane. G loved the idea of having her very own shampoo and conditioner—no sharing with her brother!—and happily got ready for our bathtime test. We washed her hair with SoCozy’s 3 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Wash, which she loved because it smelled like mango, a favorite food in our house. She emerged from the bath with clean hair and some tangles, though fewer than normal. We sprayed her hair with SoCozy’s Detangler + Leave-in Conditioner; this product has a fruity-tutti smell, which G liked as much as the mango. The brush easily slid through G’s hair, and she was thrilled to have a pain-free hair care experience. I was, too. We both agreed that these products will go into regular rotation in our house.

The next morning, G’s hair was soft and smelled so good. After she got dressed for school, I put some of SoCozy’s Styling Cream (this one smelled like pears) in her hair. It kept the fly-aways down, and gave G an overall polished look. The Styling Cream will be something we will pull out for special occasions, since mornings in our house are always a rush and styling cream added a few more steps to getting out the door on time. G loved it, though; she graviated to the idea of putting “product” in her hair “like a grown-up.”

SoCozy’s 3 in 1, Leave-in Conditioner, and Styling Cream retail for $11.99 each at CVS. During the month of October, SoCozy has a special coupon for $5 off at CVS. You can use the graphic in the bottom of this post to obtain the discount, and, if you try SoCozy, I hope you can wave bye bye tangles, too!