Happy Weekend!

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Oh, I am so happy it’s Saturday. I have a full weekend planned – kids’ birthday parties and playdates, Cub Scouts, time with friends, and, hopefully, time spent outdoors. The sun really, really is supposed to shine. I want one of those “open all of the windows and let the fresh air in” kinds of a weekend. I hope you get that, too.

While you’re drinking your first cup of jo (or, in my case, tea), I’ve found some good reading for you… enjoy…

1 || Did you see me on the Stonyfield blog? Stop by! It was a lot of fun to do.

2 || Always wonder how bloggers get those great pictures? Here’s a behind-the-scenes how-to.

3 || I’m a sucker for a great book—and a gorgeous library. Meet this year’s winners of the Library Building Awards. If you’re lucky enough to live by one of them, tell me about your library experience.

4 || I’m hoping to expand my son’s reading selections beyond Star Wars (though that is a fantastic choice), and these recommendations of multicultural kids books are a great start.

5 || Did you catch the article in last Sunday’s New York Times about Toni Morrison? If you didn’t, it’s absolutely worth the read.

6 || I love this special essay about parenting.

7 || As someone who had two C-section births, this piece about the truth of C-section mamas spoke to me in a deep way.

8 || As you saw in my post earlier in the week, I’ve been thinking a good bit about parenting styles, so when I came across this post, I found even more to ponder.

Finally, on May 9, I’ll be at the Listen to Your Mother show here in Boston, and I hope, if you’re in the New England area, you’ll join me. If New England isn’t your back yard, check out one of the dozens of cities across the United States that will be hosting a LTYM show in the next month. The shows are a powerful opportunity to laugh, cry, and hear original, moving stories about motherhood.

Wishing you a Happy Weekend!

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