What’s in your Easter basket?

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Shhh! Don’t tell my kids, but I’m the Easter bunny in our house.

There: the secret is out.

I keep my duties on the low-down. I don’t “hop on down the bunny trail,” but I do load up the Easter baskets and find the perfect hiding spot for these treasures so my little people can search for them on Easter morning.

Having pulled together the goodies for the kids’ baskets, I thought I’d share what R and G will be opening up next Sunday—in case you’re taking on the bunny duties in your home and are feeling a bit stuck.

My Approach
My general philosophy about Easter baskets is that less is more. The traditions of the holiday are, for us, about being with family, going to church, and (ideally) welcoming spring (though, this year, who knows when spring will really come to New England). The kids get a basket of carefully curated items—and some candy (of course). Extravagant, it’s not, but that’s fine; it’s the holiday that matters after all.

So what will R and G get in their Easter baskets this year?

For My Son
My son, R, is seven, and loves all things Lego, as well as books and sports. He’s also working on perfecting his joke telling skills. So, for my budding comedian, I’ve selected Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs, guaranteed to dissolve him into giggles (and a great distraction for the car ride to Nana’s house for Easter dinner). He likes Playmobil, too, so his basket will include this red (his favorite color) egg with a pirate and rowboat inside (arggh, matey!). He’ll have a new book, too, LEGO City: Follow That Easter Egg! Finally, a big Star Wars fan (do you know a kid who isn’t?), R’s basket wouldn’t be complete without this Disney Star Wars Milk Chocolate Stormtrooper Bunny (he’s going to love it!).

For My Daughter
G, my five-year-old firecracker of a girl, loves writing stories, skiing, and playing with her brother. For her, there will also be Playmobil; she will get a princess in a pink egg (I also found this egg with a Native American Girl with forest animals, which I would have purchased had been available). G, too, loves books, so Pinkalicious: Eggstraordinary Easter will be waiting for her. She’ll receive an activity book, Invisible Easter Magic Picture Book, and a chocolate bunny (which she won’t have to share with her brother).

For Both
Bowing to convention, both Easter baskets will have jellybeans (which my kids adore) and mini chocolate eggs (delicious!). Each child will also receive a new set of markers and a blank notebook, which they will use for drawing, writing, and passing each other notes.

The Cost
The items total about $30 for each basket, a bit more than the $25 budget I had originally set, but still within my let’s-not-go-crazy approach to Easter.

Other Ideas
Some of the other items I considered adding to the kids’ baskets included: band-aids (the kids love the ones with their favorite characters on them), a coupon for a trip to the local frozen yogurt place, Easter-egg shaped chalk (spied at the Dollar Store), and practical things like underwear and socks (I know, such a Mom idea, right?). No cost items were also on my list such as a coupon to select the movie during our next family movie night and a date with Dad to go bike riding.

Final Thoughts
If you’ve noticed that we have a Peep-free Easter, yes, you’re right. I’ve never liked them, preferring good old-fashioned, never-lets-you-down chocolate instead. Being the Easter bunny means you get to pick the candy, right? It’s my favorite perk of the job.

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