Wild Kratts Live!

After last week’s trip to Annie, you would have thought my husband and I would have sworn off taking the kids anywhere. However, we’re a determined sort, so we rallied today and took the kids to the Lowell Memorial Auditorium in Lowell, MA to see Wild Kratts Live!

wild_kratts2_red_shuttersMy kids, R and G, are big fans of Wild Kratts, a PBS Kids show that features two brothers, Chris and Martin Kratt, who go on adventures and teach kids about animals. As you would expect from a PBS Kids show, there’s a high educational quotient in the show, so my husband and I have placed it on our short list of approved shows for our kids. R and G buzz about with new facts about animals and animal habitats after each viewing, and my son’s deep interest in whales has been fostered by the show’s commitment to ensuring children understand and appreciate animals.

So, when I heard that Chris and Martin were taking their popular show on the road, I jumped at getting tickets for my family. R and G were thrilled that we were going to see them in person—though I’m not sure they really believed Chris and Martin were going to be there until they walked out on stage.

That’s when the pandemonium set in. R and G were beyond excited to see the TV faves in real life. So was every other kid in the auditorium. The kids cheered, yelled out answers to the Kratt brothers’ questions, and bounced about in their seats.

Wild Kratts Live! was essentially the TV show on stage, which was fine for the kids. I thought live animals would be present (no idea how I got that idea in my head), so I was disappointed—but did I really want to see a snake? No, right?

The show, unfortunately, experienced a number of technical problems, including a broken curtain that would not open after the intermission and sound issues. These did not diminish my kids’ enthusiasm. Asked afterward what he thought of the show, R said, “It was great, Mom!” G gave high praise: “I loved it!”

On our way home, we stopped for dinner at the new Wegman’s that opened up in Burlington, thereby confirming that we are 100% suburban dwellers. (Dinner and grocery shopping in one place! What a Saturday night!) I had never been to Wegman’s before, but have heard all about it from other parents and neighbors. From the toy train that traveled above the food aisles to the already-in-place Christmas treats, the kids were enthralled. I have to do a more research to see how the prices compare to other area grocery stores; our first visit uncovered some good bargains, so I suspect we’ll be back.

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  1. November 16, 2014