NaBloPoMo November 2014

Two days ago, I mentioned that I had written my first #NaBloPoMo post for November.

But then I didn’t explain what #NaBloPoMo is!

#NaBloPoMo is short for National Blog Posting Month. #NaBloPoMo got its start in 2006, and has been part of BlogHer, a media site/community of bloggers and social media influencers since 2011. It actually runs every month, but November is the big month, the one people shoot for, as it was the original month #NaBloPoMo got started. And there are prizes if you post every day in November (and are signed up with BlogHer). Prizes. (Prizes are always good.)

The commitment to post every day is daunting. Every day? Thirty days? (Why didn’t I sign up for February?) I tried to do #NaBloPoMo last year – last August to be specific – and gave up after a few days (31 days – what was I thinking?). It was too much. This year, though, I am inspired by a group of terrific bloggers I know who have also committed to #NaBloPoMo. They are inspiring me to give it a try, so here I am.

I also decided to take on this challenge because lately I’ve been feeling disappointed by blogging. It’s fair amount of work to develop, create, and publish a post, and finding the time to do so is hard. My page views are down (that’s the number of people who come to Red Shutters to actually read my posts), though this appears to a widespread issue with many of the bloggers I know. I’ve been wondering why I do this (a downside, perhaps of 24+ hours on a plane). I’m aiming with #NaBloPoMo to do a “blogging reboot” – a “let’s kick it up” plan to bring back some of my enthusiasm for the process of blogging.

And, you can help me! Specifically, you can:

  1. Read these posts! (I really appreciate it. Really.)
  2. Write a comment. Tell me what you liked (or didn’t like), or suggest a topic for a future post. (I have 27 more of these to write this month, people.)

If you are interested in checking out other November #NaBloPoMo bloggers, check out BlogHer’s blogroll here.

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