Sticking it with Kidecals

The other day as I emptied the dishwasher (one of my most favorite household chores ever), I pulled out my daughter’s water bottle, the one she uses for school each day, from the top rack. I noticed the name tag I had placed along the bottom, made with my label maker at the start of the school year, had started to peel off after only eight weeks of use.

This was an annoyance, of course, as those water bottles—the cost of which always surprises me—have a habit of going missing (and usually it’s the brand-new ones that are hardest to keep track of). Those labels are my insurance against the water bottle’s permanent exile to the bottom of the lost and found closet at my kids’ elementary school.


One of G’s water bottles that may actually stay un-lost now that it has a personalized label!

Fortunately, I had, thanks to Kidecals, pre-made, personalized, waterproof labels just waiting to be used. I had fun shopping the Kidecals website, looking for these labels.

Kidecals offers free shipping and options for adults and kids of all ages. Plus, the site is organized well, with the item categorized by age, gender, shape, and use. The kids’ labels are very cute, and the site has a big selection–from wall decals to keyboard stickers to customized value packs of labels of different sizes, which is what I chose for my daughter. Her bright pink labels feature her name and our phone number—and a hope from me we’ll really be able to keep track of the water bottle this school year.


Some of the cute label options from Kidecals!

Interested in checking out Kidecals? Place an order before the end of the year and use the code ilovelabels to get 15% off your order!

Disclosure: I received a credit to purchase labels, but all of the opinions in this post belong to me.