Checking in on our Summer Bucket List

We have one (!!) weekend left before school starts, so I thought I’d check in on how we’ve done with our Summer Bucket List. Perhaps you remember back in June when I put together a list of adventures for my family to do this summer? Of the 15 adventures on our list, we’ve done 10, with three more scheduled. That leaves with two still to do. Here’s our list:

  1. Take a bicycle trip
  2. Explore the Boston Harbor Islands | Done! 
  3. Go paddle boarding | Done!
  4. Go kayaking
  5. Try out the new roller coaster at Storyland | Scheduled!
  6. Hike and eat a picnic lunch | Scheduled!
  7. Spend a day at the beach | Done!
  8. Play miniature golf | Done! 
  9. Host a water slide in our backyard | Done! 
  10. Enjoy the outdoor sculptures at the Decordova | Done!
  11. Participate in nature classes at Drumlin Farm | Done! 
  12. Go to Tanglewood | Done!
  13. Cheer on the Red Sox at Fenway Park | Scheduled!
  14. Attend a Lowell Spinners game | Done! 
  15. Go to an outdoor water park | Done! 


Looking back at the past three months makes me realize we’ve done much more than just this list. A trip to Maine. A visit to Lookout Farm. Lots of swimming. The first jumps off the diving board. A first (and second) lost tooth. Tennis lessons. Dance camp. New books from the library. Plenty of time outdoors. Visits with family and friends. So many vegetables from our CSA. Birthdays. Countless tubes of sunblock.

Fortunately, the calendar tells me we have until September 22 to enjoy this fleeting season. I’m thankful for that; after all, we have to get through our Summer Bucket List!

How about you? Did you have a Summer Bucket List? Did you get to everything on your list? 

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