Weekend Reading, 7.12.14

R during our first CSA visit this season  - Now that we've fully embraced summer, it's hard to remember back when we had to wear coats!

R during our first CSA visit this season – Now that we’ve fully embraced summer, it’s hard to remember back when we had to wear coats!

Happy Saturday! 

How was your week? I was lucky to fit in time with a dear friend and for an incredibly enjoyable book club gathering (we read Together Tea by Marjan Kamali and it got high marks from our members), and I had a busy week at work. I’ve also started watching “Orphan Black” on BBC America – have you seen the show? It’s completely addictive.

My kids started swim lessons, went to Drumlin Farm, and got a lot of time outdoors. We had our fifth CSA pickup and now our refrigerator is filled with vegetables: carrots, red onions, lettuce, chard, green beans, squash, and zucchini. We have a week of healthy eating ahead of us. 

This weekend, we’ll be busy: my husband will be working on our treehouse, I’ll be getting ready for BlogHer14 (only two weeks away!), and the kids will be attending playdates and birthday parties. 

I found a few things I wanted to share with you; hope you enjoy them, and hope your weekend is terrific…

1 | I started using a FitBit this week, and found the tracking of my steps fascinating. It’s a helpful to way to understand just how active I really am. Then, I read this hilarious piece by David Sedaris in the New Yorker

2 | Have you see this story about what happened to one family at a baseball family?

3 | Have you seen these illustrations? I love their combination of beauty and political statement.

4 | This powerful piece about one woman’s miscarriage is a must-read. 

5 | Yesterday I was speaking with a friend and my kids were interrupting our conversation by yelling “Mommy, mommy!” It made me wish I already had this strategy in place 

6 | To round the Amazon-book publisher fight, here’s an interesting take on book buying and selling in France

7 | I was moved by this poignant story about the parting gifts of a friend who passed away


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