Weekend Reading, 5.23.14

piano_redshuttersIf you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen our new piano. Scored a few weeks ago via our town’s Freecycle group, the piano now sits happily (or at least I like to think so) in a nook off of our kitchen.

Several times a year, pianos go on this listserv, and I stalk those postings, wishing for one, but never quite ready to pull the trigger. This time, however, I made it happen, and we now have a Lester Spinet, a perfect starter piano for my almost five-year-old and almost seven-year-old. I have a vision of them practicing that piano as I make dinner. I see piano recitals in our future. It makes me really happy.

Whether or not the kids have the same vision of quarter notes and scales, music books and tra la la, remains to be seen. They had their first piano lesson yesterday, and while they had a good time, their feedback was rather vague. (“Fun!” was all the kids said.) I was unclear if they were ready for more, until, this morning, at 6:45 AM, when my son sat at the piano to practice the two notes he learned: C and E, over and over. I could have listened to those notes all day.

Before you head out for the long, holiday weekend—one that I very much hope you enjoy—here are a few things I wanted to share with you:

1 | These words of wisdom from Anne Lamott showed up on three different blogs this week. But that’s not why I’m sharing them on Red Shutters. I’m sharing them here because they are a must-read.

2 | Have you heard of secondary drowning? I hadn’t until I read this post.

3 | I’m always talking about the importance of managing up at work; here’s a helpful article on what that means.

4 | As the end of school nears, here’s a great thank you idea for the teachers in your life.

5 | We have two blank walls in our house that need to be filled. Perhaps this way?

6 | Giant watermelon rice krispie treat? I can’t say yes fast enough.

7 | Sometimes, I’m horrified the ‘80s are back; other times, like this one, I wish I had saved everything from that decade.

8 | This is a fun project to do with the kids.

9 | I don’t know what I love more: this idea or the delicious photos describing it.

10 | “I was curious. I wanted to know what my children would be like, who they would be in the world.”


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