Weekend Reading, 5.2.14

Can you believe it’s May? I find it confusing—I still half expect to find Christmas decorations up in the house.

We are looking forward to the weekend; it’s Opening Day for Little League baseball in our town. There’s a big parade for all of the teams and lots of celebrating. Then, my son’s T-ball team (with coaching by my husband!) has its first game. I cannot wait to see those six-year-old boys running around the field, hitting and catching.  We also have a birthday party to go to, church, and errands—a very typical Saturday and Sunday.

What are your weekend plans? Tell me in the comments.

I’m also planning to find time for reading—and I hope you will, too. Here is some writing worth checking out…

1 | Nothing I’ve read this week compares to the terrifying story of the more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls who have been kidnapped by militants.

2 | I made these peanut butter + coconut balls for my kids and ended up loving them more than them. So I’m making more this weekend. For me.

3 | Have you gotten on the terrarium bandwagon? I’m thinking of it, though why I need more plants to take care of, I have no idea!

4 | I’ve always loved the gingerbread houses of Martha’s Vineyard, and this post shows off their appeal.

5 | One of my perpetual to do items is to clean our basement and purge our stuff. But what if we didn’t have so much stuff? It makes me want to try this “no buy” month idea.

6 | In my never-ending quest to embrace my inner (though inept) DIY skills, I am highlighting this DIY lacquered boxes tutorial. I know I could do this! (Right?)

7 | Whenever we go out for Indian food, my kids ask for a Mango Lassi. It’s delicious, and now, I can make it at home.

8 | To fulfill my dreams of family bike rides, I’ve asked for a bicycle for Mother’s Day. Still looking for ideas for the mothers in your family? Here’s one (of the many out there) gift guide.

9 | I never thought much about horseshoe crabs before reading this article. Now, I understand that we all should be more aware of the need to protect them.

10 | One of the many compelling stories I heard during last weekend’s Listen to Your Mother was from this lovely Boston area blogger whose “Unusual Keepsakes from My Mom” is worth your attention.


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