Weekend Reading, 5.16.14


The most popular plant in our house these days

I had the day off today and the kids were in school. It was a rare find: eight hours for me to get caught up on life.

I got the piano tuned, signed the kids up for summer activities, dropped off dry cleaning, did laundry, emptied and loaded the dishwasher several times, and even made it to yoga class—the first time in eleven months.

But then, my afternoon, which had been reserved for my writing was sidetracked by one phone call from the school nurse.

My son’s poison ivy was concerning to her, and he needed clearance from the pediatrician to stay in school. I grumbled a bit (I knew it was poison ivy—nothing more serious!), waving goodbye to my afternoon plans. The doctor’s office, thankfully, could fit us in, and the doctor confirmed his rash was not worrisome or contagious. I was vindicated.

And, as disappointed as I was not to get my writing time in, I was relieved my son was fine (though now I have poison ivy). It was perfect illustration of parenting: his needs trumped mine, and that was—really—fine.

Before I head off into a weekend (of calamine lotion and Benadryl), I wanted to share with you some items I found around the web:

1 | I made this chicken for dinner tonight and it was indeed perfect.

2 | Ha! This made me smile.

3 | Oh, I love this idea for homemade body scrub.

4 | These are almost too gorgeous to eat: 9 treats to serve at your next party.

5 | Which country’s parenting values match yours? Here’s how to find out.

6 | Does body language shape who you are? I heard this talk on NPR and can’t get it out of my mind.


Illustration credit: uwdigitalcollections via photopin cc

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