Weekend Reading, 5.10.14

I’m a bit late on this week’s “Weekend Reading” post—my apologies!

I woke up this morning to a loud noise outside my window. Concerned, I peeked my head outside only to realize that “noise” was a family of birds—singing. Just goes to show what a long winter we had!

Our weekend is jam-packed: gymnastics, T-ball, yard work, errands. I’m squeezing in a trip to Providence, RI, though, to see the Listen to Your Mother performance tonight.

I’ll also find time for reading—and I hope you will, too. Here’s where you can start:

1 | I always have a jar of wheat germ in my refrigerator. I use it as an ingredient for baking (adding it to homemade cereal bars) and smoothies, and as a topping for yogurt. I hadn’t thought to make granola or key lime tarts with it. Yum.

2 | These historic travel posters would be great in my house! But which one should I chose?

3 | Looking for a new home? Perhaps dreaming of a new home is a better way to phrase it. The home of French actress Catherine Deneuve is on the market, and it’s divine.

4 | In honor of Mother’s Day, here are two posts: “Could the Internet have saved my mom?” and “What I learned from my mother about being myself.”

5 | More crafty/DIY dreamin’ from me: a crepe paper flower tutorial.

6 | We can thank the Internet for this connection: lessons about friendship from two friends who have never met in person.

7 | Any Red Sox lovers in your house? We are big fans in our house, and are therefore excited about Out of the Park, a new initiative from the Highland Street Foundation, Red Sox, and Boston Parks and Recreation to bring the fun of Fenway Park to neighborhoods throughout the city.

8 | For Mother’s Day tomorrow, my family is taking me to brunch and to see this exhibit. Perhaps a walk along the beach and a chance to sleep past 5 AM, too! Wishing you and yours a Happy Mother’s Day!