Weekend Reading, 4.25.14

Happy Friday! How has your week been? Ours has been unusual.

On Wednesday, the house diagonally across the street from ours was struck by lightning. There was no warning; the sun was shining and suddenly a large boom filled the sky. The house, which had been under renovation for months, sustained nearly $100,000 worth of damage, according to our local newspaper. The three people in the house, fortunately, were safe, and local fire and emergency services responded quickly.

My mother and son were home at the time, and to say there were scared is an understatement. But they were fine. Shaken, but fine. Our house sustained minor damage as a result of the power surge that shot out from the lightning strike. Despite surge protectors, several of our appliances are “toast” (except, ironically, our toaster), our air conditioner needed repair, and the electrician made some nice change fixing destroyed outlets.

This has been an inconvenience for us, especially my husband who has taken on the coordination of repair people and the insurance company, but, compared to our neighbor’s situation, it’s nothing. And, our family is safe, so it’s really nothing.

Sometimes, it takes an unusual circumstance to remind us of what’s most valuable. That’s what I’ll be holding onto this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, here are highlights from across the web for your reading pleasure…

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