Weekend Reading, 4.11.14


Oh, did I need the weekend to come. I was walking the kids to school today, reviewing all of the things I need to get done in the next few days, when my son turned around to say, “Mama, you’re talking to yourself.”


I was completely distracted. And, I guess, sort of out of it, to be talking to myself. Out loud. On the way to school.

So, tomorrow, my first weekend home in ages, I am not setting the alarm, our family has nothing on the calendar (except some spring cleaning and haircuts for the boys), and we may even get our first ice cream of the spring season.

Already I feel better.

Here’s something else that makes me feel better: Weekend Reading. Enjoy, my friends.

1 | This “Love” video, in response to the backlash against a recent Honey Maid commercial, is all over the internet, but it can never be shared too much.

2 | Kids don’t get enough time outdoors. Here’s new data to explain this growing concern.

3 | My husband sent me this video (share it on the blog, he said!), and I love it—even though it’s a commercial for phone service.

4 | I’ve been looking for eco-friendly deodorant options (is that too much information?) and this post about creams has me intrigued.

5 | I often wonder how to find a good TED talk (there are so many); here are five from inspiring women.

6 | Wondering how to master Twitter? Here are some useful tips.

7 | I found this profile of Chris Christie and “Bridgegate” fascinating

8 | This house makes me think of vacation.

9 | Have you read this poignant article, titled “The Trick of Life”?

10 | Is daycare more expensive than college in your state? In mine, it is.