Sick Day



I was home sick from work today. And, you know what? Sick days are not fun. The pounding headache. The desire to do nothing except lie on the couch. The coughing. Yuck.

There were bright spots in my day, however:

  1. The delicious chicken soup my husband made for me yesterday (from scratch!)
  2. The discovery of “Veronica Mars” on Amazon streaming video
  3. The “Divergent” series on my iPad
  4. My second Stitch Fix delivery
  5. The card my daughter made for me this weekend
  6. The purple tulips sitting on my kitchen table

Yes, my TV watching and book reading seem to belong more to a 15-year-old than a 40-something mom of two, but engrossing, fun, easy reads are perfect for days when 100% feels far away.

See that tangerine-colored blouse? That was one of the highlights of my second Stitch Fix delivery. (Read about my first delivery here.) I didn’t keep everything in the box this time, unfortunately; the other items didn’t fit or weren’t “me” enough. This blouse screamed “spring” so it had to be mine—plus it’s pretty. I also kept a beautiful plum-colored shirt that received compliments at work (the true test of “fashionable” in my book). My third delivery is scheduled for the end of the month, and I can’t wait to get it.

Those tulips are channeling the spring I’m hoping for—any day now—and my daughter’s card, a March-made Valentine’s Day card, is, well, just what the doctor ordered.

Tomorrow morning, I hope to wake up with a clear head and enough energy to rally to return to the office. Until then, I’m keeping focused on the best part of a sick day. Guess what that is? Going to bed early.